What is a Room Escape?

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A Room Escape is a game in group set in several rooms.
Your mission is to get some kind of document and to escape before the time is up

Language: English / Spanish


Friends, enemies, family, inlaws, coworkers and even 4EverAlone*'s. This Room Escape / Live Escape Game in Barcelona in English, despite of being a horror game, is suitable for any type of person who wants o undergone new experiences and have fun.

The Challenge

In this motel the doors are closed and you have to escape. You will soon figure out who is the owner of the Room Escape / Live Escape Game. He has locked you up, you will find out that it is not only fornhis amusement. Difficult? Yes! But not impossible. (Warning: you might not escape because you only have 90 minutes!).

The Alternative

We are an alternative to the asual. Repetitive films, bowling, videogames, TV...You develop your wit and the teamwork!

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Welcome to a Real Life Room Escape / in Barcelona in English

Picadero Motel

You breathe horror you can hear screams and escaping is a nightmare.

Picadero Motel is the worst motel in Barcelona, at a very affordable price.

Since its construction (1969) and for over forty years, it has become one of the best options for not sleeping a wink all night.

The rooms have a capacity of two to six people, we have beds, sheets and even drinking water. We also have a common room, a unisex bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen for guests kitchen to get them done. Furthermore, the motel reception can help you all doubts and inform of nearby cultural and leisure activities.


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El Picador

El Picador Room Escape

Breaking news, police in the city of Santa Fe despite have received many calls from missing people relatives, but police do not seem to act, arguing that there is not enough to open an investigation into a possible serial murderer signs.

According to sources from our team of Santa Fe newspaper Daily News, disappearances have all been guests at an old motel with morality suspicious activities, The Picadero Motel. We do not know the identity of the owner of the motel but all the neighborhood call him: "El Picador" , is believed to be the responsible for the disappearances and is rumored to have been killing in heinous and macabre ways.

Santa Fe Daily News has decided to send a qualified team of journalists to do investigative reporting and be able to incriminate "El Picador" . Reporters will pose as customers of the motel, we booked for that room No. 13, where they will spend the night and must find evidences to incriminate the possible serial murderer. Hopefully our partners to fulfill their mission and return to unfinished "chopped", as it is rumored to have ended their victims.

Room Escape Barcelona - Real Life Game in English



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Metro: L4 - Joanic (5 minutos andando)

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L2,L5 - Sagrada Família (10 minutos andando)

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Passatge de Nogués, 8, (Gràcia),
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